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  Monster Poor Fellow











   Translation: Maria Jędrysik

              Illustrations: Maciej Jędrysik



























































































Far away from big cities there was a rich village, surrounded by the beautiful mountains. Passing by, Poverty left here her bastard child, Poor Fellow, and his aunt Lust gave him a magic rattle.

- This will be your paradise here. – They said and walked away.

Rattling of the mysterious toy made people obedient. Soon, the whole village was at Poor Fellow’s service and people got very poor. Por Fellow kept on devouring, rattling, got fat and ugly. He was sorry about his looks though it was not his main concern. His main concern was flatulance and stomachaches.

A wise herbalist found out about it and began to heal Poor Fellow. Soon the Monster, as Poor Fellow was secretly called, started getting weaker and weaker, couldn’t see clearly and stopped leaving his palace. Only the herbalist knew the secret of the monster’s disease. The wise man wasn’t afraid of the rattle and decided to poison the foundling.

He had to do it extremely slowly, cause the monster’s smell was very acute and his mind very suspicious. Wen Poor Fellow couldn’t hold the rattle in his hands the herbalist knew it was time to inflict the final blow.

He asked a young and smart shepherd to help him. He asked him to rub some herbs in his body so that the monster couldn’t smell him, and they went to the palace together.

There the herbalist made the monster drink gallons of poisoned mixture and the shepherd stole the rattle. The helper promised the herbalist to run as fast as he could to the mountains and throw the sinister toy down into an abbys.

The shepherd ran and ran till he saw two women argueing about an apple stolen from the monster’s garden.

They were so preoccupied with thier argument that they didn’t hear the shepherd come. Irritated, he shook the rattle, the women immediately shut their mounths up and knelt down in front of him. Happy to have made them quiet he told them, what had happened and ran on.

Soon he saw two poor peasants pulling a cart full of food for the monster. He told the news about the monster dying, but their happiness didn’t last long.

They began argueing about the goods on the cart and would have killed each other, but they heard the shepherd rattling. He made them give out the food to the poor children and took the horse to get to the rocks as fast as possible.

Then he felt a strange, acute hunger, so he wanted to complete his task quickly.

At the foot of the hills he saw lotsof people collecting stones to build a new palace for the monster.

He told them that Poor Fellow had died and raised the rattle. The crowd applauded, and surrouned the boy, reaching hands out for the toy.

Scared shepherd, to save himself, shook the rattle with such strenght that it swept everybody off their feet. He ordered people to keep on building and himself set spurs to the horse.

He was so hungry he ate anything he could: leaves, grass, even the whole lizards.

When he had to dismount the horse and climb up the rocks, he started having doubts if it was worthwhile to get rid of that wonderful thing.

Then he had a brilliant idea: he would use the rattle for the good of the village.                 

He came to the square and summoned the people. He told them how brave he was to take the rattle away from the monster and announced common happiness and well being.

He called the herbalist and gave him one of the monster’s palaces. There he was supposed to brew herbs for the villagers and the shepherd himself as he felt something lying heavy in his stomach.

The herbalist walked up to the boy begging him to thorow the rattle out. Then the shepherd asked the people to push the herbalist down into an abyss.

Unfortunately, the village never lived to see happiness and wealth. People argued about anything, and the new master was so greedy that he forgot why he’d retained the rattle. The shephred kept on devouring, rattling, got fat and ugly.

When he suffered from indigestion he regretted getting rid of the wise wizard. One day, when he was thinking about it, heard a knock on the door.

These were the dead herbalist’s best apperentices, they were to offer the new monster their services.

They were received with gratitude.




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Monster Poor Fellow